Section 7 - Transmission

and springs which are located in the shifter forks.
Should it become necessary to replace the shifter interlock plate, cut the heads from the four rivets and remove the plate. A new plate may be installed by riveting it to the cover.
gearshift lever, using K-353 gearshift lever re­mover and replacer.
Install the transmission in the truck.
The foregoing instructions apply to the overhaul of all four-speed transmissions with the exception of removing and replacing the front universal joint front yoke, and the oil seal at the back end of the rear bearing retainer on trucks, using the Hotch­kiss drive design at the transmission. The trucks using this construction at the back end of the trans­mission, Figures 32 and 35, are the 3/4-ton long Wheelbase panel, all l-1/2-ton and Cab-Over-Engine models.
The following overhaul instructions apply to the back end of Hotchkiss drive transmissions:
After disconnecting the universal joint, remove the capscrew and washer holding the universal joint front yoke to the back end of the main shaft. Remove the seven capscrews holding the rear bear­ing retainer to the case. Remove the bearing re­tainer with the yoke and oil seal. To remove the front yoke of the universal joint, the spring loaded oil seal must be removed from the bearing retainer by pressure applied to the front surface inside the bearing retainer. To remove the oil seal from the front yoke of the universal joint, the speedometer drive gear must first be pressed off the hub of the yoke in an arbor press, then the oil seal may be slipped off.
Installation of the oil seal, and reassembly of the transmission is the reverse of the foregoing. Before reassembling the oil seal, or installing a new one, the seal must be thoroughly soaked in engine oil. The speedometer drive gear should be installed on the hub of the universal joint front yoke, with the chamfered edge of the gear toward the front end of the yoke. When pressing the oil seal into the bearing retainer, care should be used to line up the bolt holes in the seal bolting flange with the holes in the back of the bearing retainer.
Fig. 39—Transmission Cover and Shifter Shafts
1.    In reassembling the transmission cover, care must be used in installing the shifter shafts. They should be installed in the order shown in Fig. 39, namely, reverse speed, low speed and high speed.
2.   In assembling the shifter forks to the shafts, first place the shift lock spring and ball in the fork. With the special tool shown in Fig. 40, force the ball down on the spring in the fork, then turn the tool one-half turn to hold the ball in position. This tool holds the shift lock ball and prevents it from jumping out while the shaft is being installed.
The transmission of this model is of the same design as used on the conventional 1-1/2-ton truck models. The service operations on these units for removal and replacement are identical with those on the conventional 1-1/2-ton truck with the excep­tion of the removal of the remote control gearshift.
Fig. 40-Method of Assembling Shifter Shafts Into Forks
3. Install the shifter shaft lock plate. Install the cover assembly and gasket to the transmission case, making sure that the shifter forks enter the shifter fork grooves in the gears. Install the





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