Section 9 - Steering Gear Assembly

checking scale hooked at right angles to a spoke of the steering wheel as you proceed. The proper load for this adjustment is 1/2 pound.
5.   Tighten the housing clamp bolt "A."
6.   Tighten the mast jacket clamp bolt "B" at the
To Remove Sector Shaft End-Play
1. Loosen the sector shaft adjusting screw lock nut ("C" in Figs. 2 and 3).
Fig. 4—Steering Gear Housing Bolts
noting the result by moving the sector shaft at each stage. Care should be taken during the final stage to make certain the eccentric bolt and sleeve are turned just enough to remove all back-lash, BUT NO MORE.
Fig. 3—Sector Shaft End-Play Adjustment
2.   Turn the adjusting screw '"D" down tight, and then back it off until it is free. Then turn the adjusting screw until it lightly contacts the end of the sector shaft.
3.   Hold the adjusting screw in this position with a screw driver and tighten the lock nut "C" securely.
To Remove Back-Lash Between Worm and Sector Roller
1.   Locate the steering gear in the straight-ahead position. This can be done by turning the steer­ing wheel as far as possible in one direction. Then turn it as far as possible in the opposite direction, counting the turns. By turning the wheel back half the number of turns, the steer­ing gear will be in the straight-ahead position. Move the sector shaft back and forth to deter­mine the amount of back-lash between the worm and roller.
2.   Loosen the three cover to housing bolts 1/4 turn, "E," Fig. 4, and the eccentric bolt locknut 1/2 turn, "J," Fig. 4.
3.    With one wrench on the eccentric bolt, "F," Fig. 5, and another on the eccentric sleeve "G," turn in opposite directions by gradual stages,
Fig. 5—Eccentric Belt and Sleeve
NOTE—If the eccentric bolt and sleeve are turned more than necessary, damage to the steering gear will result. In most cases 1/8 of a turn of the eccentric bolt and eccentric sleeve should be sufficient.
Tighten the eccentric bolt locknut while hold­ing the bolt from turning. Tighten the four housing bolts and with the steering gear in the straight-ahead position, re-check the back-lash at the sector shaft. In the straight-ahead posi­tion the steering gear should have no back-lash but should be perfectly free.





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