Section 9 - Steering Gear Assembly

Hook the J-544 spring scale at right angles to a spoke of the steering wheel at the rim, Fig. 6. The load required to pull the gear through the center position should not exceed 1-3/8 pounds.
wheel types, and car models, however, two centering adapters (one for the C.O.E. truck only) are furnished and the body of the puller is drilled with three different sets of holes to locate the puller anchor screws in the steering wheel hub according to model. Fig. 7 illustrates the puller in use.
Fig. 6—Checking Load on Steering Gear
5. Reassemble the pitman arm in the proper position on the sector shaft. Replace the lock­washer and nut, turn the wheels to the extreme left position and tighten the pitman arm nut with an 18" wrench.
When making repairs to the steering gear it is necessary that it be removed from the chassis. To avoid disturbing the vacuum gearshift adjustments the steering gear may be removed by raising the front end of the car and guiding the steering gear, less the mast jacket, out at the bottom.
Steering Gear Removal
1.   Remove the horn button or ornamental cap and remove the steering wheel retaining nut and washer.
2.   Using steering wheel puller J-1618, thread the puller anchor screws into the threaded holes provided in the steering wheel hub; turn the center screw down snug against the centering adapter. Then, using a hammer, strike the puller screw head a light, solid blow which will jar the steering wheel loose.
The J-1618 steering wheel puller has been designed to remove steering wheels from all 1942 passenger cars and trucks. All steering wheel hubs are drilled and tapped to accommo­date this puller. The center to center distance of these holes vary somewhat in the steering
Fig. 7—Using Puller to Remove Steering Wheel
3.   Remove the nuts from the mast jacket to in­strument panel "U" bolt and remove the "U" bolt.
4.   Remove the nut from the sector shaft and re­move the pitman arm, using pitman arm puller J-1025.
5.   Remove the bolt from the mast jacket clamp at the steering gear housing end and slide the clamp up on the mast jacket.
6.   Remove the steering gear mounting bolts and pull the steering gear out at the bottom.
Steering Gear Disassembly
1.   Remove the steering gear housing cover bolts and remove the sector shaft and roller assembly.
2.   Remove the wormshaft adjusting sleeve clamp bolt, then pry the slot in the housing apart with a screw driver and remove the adjusting sleeve.
3.   Remove the wormshaft. Remove the worm-shaft roller bearings from the shaft and the steering gear housing, Fig. 8 is a layout of the steering gear parts.
Wash all parts in clean gasoline or other clean­ing fluid. Inspect the worm for being scored, cracked or chipped. Also inspect the wormshaft bearing inner cones which are an integral part of





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