Section 11 - Chassis Sheet Metal

alignment and spacing at all points outlined in the foregoing.
5.   When proper adjustment is reached, securely tighten the two cowl-to-hinge plate bolts on each side from inside the car while the rear end of the hood is held down firmly on the cowl.
6.   Open the hood, securely tighten the front hinge plate to cowl bolt on each side. Connect hood hinge springs to cowl bracket.
7.   Bring the front end of the hood down easily and allow the tapered end of the lock bolt to center the hood latch plate on the screws. Do not close the hood at this time. When the latch plate has become properly centered, raise the hood, and without disturbing the centered position of the lock plate, securely tighten the four screws attaching it to the top baffle.
Lock Plate Latch Control and Adjustment
The lock plate including the latch is attached to the top baffle by four (4) screws-the right front screw also holding the upper end of the grille baffle. All bolt holes through the plate are elon­gated fore and aft to allow adjustment or centering of the lock bolt through the latch opening, Fig. 6.
properly position the plate and center the latch opening.
NOTE-If the lock plate is not centered, and the screws are tightened with the plate positioned all the way forward, closing the hood will cause the lock bolt to force the latch back, catch under the plate and make it impossible to open the hood.
The closing or locking tension of the lock bolt in the lock plate may be adjusted by loosening the lock nut on the bolt and turning the bolt in the re­taining plate, Fig. 2, clockwise to increase the tension, counterclockwise to reduce it. This ad­justment also changes the spacing between the underside of the hood and top of the grille. Proper spacing at this point is Vie" which should produce approximately 1/32" compression of the rubber bumpers on the top baffle.
To remove the grille, proceed as follows:
1.   Open hood. Disconnect hood latch cable at swivel, loosen cable clamp just back of lock plate, and pull the cable back through rubber grommet in top baffle. Remove right front hood lock plate screw. This screw also holds the top end of the grille baffle.
2.   Remove top baffle-3 sheet metal screws on each side to each fender ledge, and 4 across front into top flange of grille. Remove 2 sheet metal bolts holding front inner corners of fend­ers to grille-in back of grille.
3.   Remove attaching bolts, nuts and clips as fol­lows, Fig. 7.
Fig. 4-Hood Lock Plate an Tap Baffle
In any case where the lock plate has been re­moved or the attaching screws loosened, care must be exercised in positioning the plate before tighten­ing the screws. Leave the screws loose and center the latch opening by bringing the hood down carefully to allow the tapered section of the lock bolt to
Fig. 7-Location of Grille Attaching Bolts, Nuts and Clips
(1) Bolts staked in grille-upper 2 nuts in back of grille, lower 2 in back of side baffle under fender.





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