Section 3  - Front Suspension, Axle & Springs

Fig. 23—Turning Pivot Pin to Set Caster and Camber
tive direction, depending on the location of the eccentric on the pivot pin.
After making a slight turn of the pivot pin, both caster and camber must be rechecked and adjustments made that will bring both angles within the limits given above.
5. After completing the adjustment, tighten the knuckle support clamp bolt and install the lubrication fitting.
On cars that have been involved in a collision and camber adjustment does not come within lim­its, the kingpin inclination should be checked. To check the kingpin inclination, remove the hub
Fig. 22—Position of Contact Bar for Checking Comber
engage the tire; then look at the pointer on the camber scale which will indicate the degree of camber. Make a note of the camber readings of each wheel. The camber angle at CURB WEIGHT is1/4 degree negative plus or minus 1/2 degree.
The caster and camber adjustments are both performed by turning the upper control arm pivot pin. This pivot pin is threaded in the knuckle support and also in the front and rear bushings in the control arms. In addition it has a 3/32/' eccen­tric. Turning the pivot pin affects both caster and camber—1/2 turn of the pivot pin will change the caster angle 0° 39', while 1/2 turn of the pivot pin will change the camber angle from 0° to 1° 2', depending on the location of the eccentric when starting to make adjustments. Therefore, caster and camber adjustments should be made together and in relation to each other.
1.   Loosen clamp bolt at upper end of steering knuckle support, Fig. 23.
2.   Remove lubrication fitting from the upper front pivot pin bushing.
3.   Insert 1/4" Allen set screw wrench through the hole from which the lubrication fitting was re­move. Fig. 23.
4.   Turning the pivot pin in a clockwise direction increases caster while turning it in a counter­clockwise direction decreases caster. At the same time the camber may remain practically the same or it may move in a positive or nega-
Fig. 24 —Installing Kingpin Inclination Gauge





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