Section 4  - Rear Axle, Universal Joints & Springs

Fig. 53—Truck Intermediate Universal Joint
opening is sealed by a cork packing contained in a retainer cap which screws on the end of the yoke, Fig. 58.
Propeller Shaft Disassembly
1.   Remove the nuts from the trunnion bearing "U" clamps and remove the clamps. (This may be done at either or both the transmis­sion end and/or the rear axle end depending upon the amount of disassembly desired.)
2.   Unscrew the oil seal retainer from the rear yoke of the intermediate, or center, universal joint.
3.   Remove the rear propeller shaft from the front propeller shaft by slipping it out of the uni­versal joint splines.
4.   Split the front universal joint at the transmis­sion end of the front propeller shaft.
5.   Remove the two bolts which mount the inter­mediate universal joint support bracket to the frame cross member.
6.   Disconnect the intermediate universal joint by removing the two trunnion bearing "U" clamps.
NOTE—To hold the trunnion bearings in place as well as to prevent dirt entering and save time in reassembling, leave the bearings in the trunnion and tape them in place.
7.   Clamp one side of the front yoke of the inter­mediate universal in a bench vise and remove the retaining nut with a 1-1/2" socket wrench.
8.   Using a soft hammer for the purpose, tap the yoke from the propeller shaft.
9.   Wet the rubber cushion located in the support bracket with water to soften the soap used on the rubber when assembled. Mount the sup­port bracket in a bench vise and move the propeller shaft from side to side to work the rubber cushion out of the support.
10. After the support bracket has been removed
Fig. 54—Removing or Replacing Searing Rubber Cushion
the rubber cushion can be removed from the bearing with the hands as shown in Fig. 54.
11.   Mount the special puller, J-1619, in a bench vise and fit the jaws of the puller in behind the bearing outer race. Turning the screw of the puller will remove the bearing from the shaft, Fig. 55.
12.   Tap the dust shields off the outer race of the bearing. Fig. 56 shows a layout of the parts making up the intermediate support bearing assembly.
Thoroughly wash all parts. EXCEPT THE SUPPORT BEARING, in clean gasoline or clean­ing solvent. Inspect the shaft for worn splines and replace shafts if necessary. Check the bearing for roughness or excessive play by holding the inner race with one hand while slowly turning the outer race with the other. If either condition is present, replace the bearing.
Fig. 55—Removing Propeller Shaft Intermediate Bearing
NOTE—The intermediate support bearing is of the permanently lubricated and sealed type, therefore no attempt should be made to wash it out with gasoline or to re-lubricate it.
Propeller Shaft Reassembly
1. Press the outer dust shields on the outer race of the support bearing.





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