Section 4  - Rear Axle, Universal Joints & Springs

Reassemble the front universal joint and then bolt the intermediate support bracket to the frame cross member.
Assemble the rear propeller shaft and adjust the packing retainer on the rear sleeve yoke of the intermediate universal joint.
NOTE—When necessary to replace a cork oil seal in this retainer, press the old one out of the retainer, and, because it is split, Fig. 58, it can then be removed from the propeller shaft.
Fig. 56—Layout of Intermediate Support Bearing Parts
2.   Place one of the inner dust shields on the shaft with the offset in the shield away from the bearing, as shown in Fig. 56. Drive the bearing on the shaft, using the universal joint yoke as a driver. Then install the other inner dust shield on the shaft with the offset away from the bearing.
3.    Install the rubber cushion over the bearing, as shown in Fig. 54.
4.   Coat the outside surface of the rubber cushion lightly with soft soap and slide the support bracket over the rubber cushion as in Fig. 57.
5.    Install the front yoke of the intermediate uni­versal joint, making sure that the yoke is turned 90 degrees, in relation to the rear yoke of the front universal joint, which is a part of the pro­peller shaft. Then, by installing the rear yoke of the intermediate universal onto the rear pro­peller shaft so that it is in the same plane (line) with the front yoke of the rear propeller shaft rear universal joint, it will correctly align all three universal joints.
Fig 58— Packing at Intermediate Joint Rear Yoke
8. Lubricate the universal joints with S.A.E. 90 gear lubricant (transmission lubricant).
The front propeller shaft assembly on the 3/4-ton and 3/4-ton special truck differs from the 1-1/2-ton models in that it is of the enclosed type, and has a bushing type front universal joint, Fig. 59.
The housing incorporates the universal ball as part of the assembly. A thin wall bushing is pressed into the front end of the housing tube. The hub of the rear yoke of the front universal joint takes its bearing in this bushing. The rear end of the shaft is supported by a single row ball bearing of the permanently lubricated and sealed type. A spring loaded oil seal is pressed into the housing ahead of the bearing and a dust shield is assembled on the shaft at the rear of the bearing.
A rubber cushion slips over the machined rear end of the housing. This cushion, in turn, fits inside the sleeve which is a part of the support bracket.
Removal from Truck
1.   Split the intermediate universal joint by remov­ing the two trunnion bearing "U" clamps from the front yoke of the universal. Tape the bear­ings as already described and drop the front end of the rear propeller shaft.
2.   Remove the four bolts which attach the uni­versal ball retainer to the rear end of the trans­mission and slip the retainer back on the tube.
Fig. 57—Installing Bearing Support Bracket





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